JEEP 3/4 ton 4wd

1968 model year J3000 Custom Cab

Vintage good looks. Custom chrome wheels.

 Straight body, solid frame.

Rhino bar grill, steel windshield cowl.

Full 4X8 foot bed, Town side with  slide-out spare tire carrier.

Full  step bumper and tow hitch point.

Strong running engine,  well maintained with no smoke or drips.

Registered and safety inspection thru 9/21.

Jeep  Hana hway.jpg

1968 Jeep Gladiator

3/4 ton pickup truck

A fine example American style and engineering. This truck was manufactured at the Toledo, Ohio Kaiser Willys factory and included the optional 327 AMC V8 Vigilante motor. AMC  would buy Kaiser Jeep two years later and re-badge and redesign the model.

This vehicle was originally purchased in Gilroy, California and had one original registered owner living in Gold country in the Sierra foothills until 2017. The truck was purchased by me from a vintage vehicle dealer in SoCal after the original owner passed and  shipped to Hawaii in 2018 where it has been garaged and maintained. I had used it to remodel our retirement home, with many trips to the landfill and Home Depot. The stay-at -home order here in the islands afforded  ample time to renovate this truck properly. 



Original 327 ci OHV V8 AMC Vigilante , 

84,490 miles

Automatic Transmission (column)

4WD dual range transfer case (floor)

Dana 44 front differential

Dana 53  rear Powr-Lok differential



New battery, alternator, freshly tuned, rebuilt brake booster pump, new master cylinder, wheel cylinders and brake lines, brake drums turned, new riveted pads, new steering coupler,  new leaf springs and shocks, new muffler system, new lights and covers, transfer case rebuilt, front and rear axles pulled and new bearings and seals installed, steering knuckle bearings and cups replaced,  oil pan and transmission pan seals replaced, drive line U bolts and clamps replaced, Front end professionally adjusted and aligned. Carburetor replaced, (Holley 2bbl), gas line fabricated, gas tank bead blasted and sealed with POR15, Electrical wiring traced and replaced as necessary, inline fuses installled and labeled. Headliners and door panels replaced

Crop and replace section of rusted floorboard pax side. Noise panels and new carpet and scuff plates, new door locksets and hardware, new door gaskets installed, new wiper motor pump, repaired canvas reservoir bag.


Upgrades and renovations

Material blast, treat and re-coat bed and rear bumper with epoxy primer and factory original color poly topcoat.
Chemical strip and sand cab and hood of  truck to good substrate and re-coat. 
Replace seam compound in all seams.
Replace elastomeric shock absorbers at all points,  cab and bed.  
Insulate cab overhead, sides, doors and floor with Noico sound deadener panels. 
Replace headliner and carpet.
Replace cardboard door panels with pvc and original vinyl covering ,
Replace door insulation with Grand Wagoneer door bead. Replace scuff plates.


Shipping can be easily arranged to the mainland or worldwide. Two carriers that call on Maui are MATSON NAVIGATION and PASHA Hawaii Transport Lines.

Roll-on transportation to California is currently about  $900. Covered enclosed transportation is about twice that.

 PASHA Shipping: 

$870 - $1700 premium service

Oakland/ Los Angeles/ San Pedro or San Deigo

MATSON Shipping:

SHOWROOM TRANSPORT covered vehicle:

YOUNG BROTHERS Interisland Tug and barge: